The ideal process for:

  • Refurbishing of Legacy Components
  • Removing the oxidized plated lead finish and re-placing with a fused intermetallic Sn/Pb finish.
  • Gold Embrittlement Mitigation: Removes the gold from the component leads by solubilizing in molten Sn/Pb solder. Gold washing and gold removal using molten solder technologies support the gold replacement process which is 100% J-STD-001 compliant.
  • Tin Whisker Mitigation: Replaces the tin plating with fused Sn/Pb alloy.
  • Convert RoHS components to Sn/Pb
  • Convert Sn/Pb components to RoHS compliant
  • Solderability Testing

Quality Control:

  • Incoming Solderability test using a wetting Quality Control T balance tester to determine the flux type. Flux type best suited to the lead conditioning
  • Component predetermined
  • Careful handling and fixturing of the components in a completely ESD safe environment
  • Flux applied to the leads (chemistry predetermined)
  • Apply preheat to activate the flux and raise the component body temperature to reduce thermal shock